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What are the dimensions of each bar?

All of our bars are 1.13m tall, 72cm Deep and 1.5m wide apart from the Stainless Steel bar which is 2m wide.

What are the specifications of the bar units?

2m Stainless Steel Bar Section

  • Kitchen certified stainless steel panels with 5-6 shelves and optional ice well if only 5 shelves are used. We recommend using the ice well set up.
  • LED Perspex front panel to light up to a colour of your choosing. This requires a 13amp plug socket 

1.5m Reclaimed Pallet Wood Bar

  • Custom made wooden frame clad in treated reclaimed wood
  • LED downlight which can be set to any colour
  • 1 level of treated wooden shelving
  • 1 Large Ice Well

1.5m White Chabby Chic Bar

  • Custom made wooden frame clad in white stained wood with dark stained top
  • LED downlight which can be set to any colour
  • 1 level of treated wooden shelving
  • 1 Large Ice Well

1.5m Traditional Pub Style Bar

  • Stained Dark Wooden Bar
  • LED downlight which can be set to any colour
  • 1 level of treated wooden shelving
  • 1 Large Ice Well
What does a bar package include?

We can include equipment, staff to a fully customised package to suit your requirements. Links available below:

Do I have to have a bar package?

All equipment can be hired seperately and customised to your requirements.

Hiring draught equipment with your bar

There is the option to have draught products (kegs) on your bar. Every bar section can comfortably hold up to two draught taps consisting of one cooler, one gas bottle, up to two kegs and two taps. 

  • One 50 litre keg holds 88 pints/one 30 litre keg holds 55 pints.

Sale & Return

  • We charge a £40 + VAT Keg Handling Charge per unopened Keg (seal intact and not damaged) and will refund you the balance within 2 days of collection. Please contact us for further information on 0333 733 1130.

Keg Setup Requirements

  • The draught system needs one 13 amp plug per cooler.
  • The taps securely fit onto all bar types.

Own Kegs

  • We can supply the equipment for your own kegs - all we need to know is the type of keg you are using.
What access do you need for our bars?

All of our bars are flat packed meaning they can be taken and placed almost anywhere. The longest dimension of the flat packed bars is 2m and the widest dimension is 15cm. The bars can be consturcted out of five pieces and one ice well. 

If you are having a fridge with your bar, these will fit through a regular width doorframe. The dimensions of the fridges are as follows:

  • Width - 52cm
  • Height - 90cm
  • Length - 90cm

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Corporate Events Corporate Events We are industry leaders in supplying draft beer systems for parties all over the UK. If you're having a house party, wedding or office knees up, we can supply you with everthing you need.

We use state of the art beer coolers, which means you will be pouring ice cold beer within 15 minutes of us installing our equipment.
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Weddings Weddings When it comes to the most magical day of your life a fully functioning professional bar with experienced bar staff is essential to keep your wedding & reception running smoothly.

We can supply a variety of Champagnes or Proseccos and Wine on the table for those all important toasts!
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Private Parties Private Parties We are industry leaders at supplying mobile bar units, back bar displays and experiences bar staff for events and parties across the UK.

With over 100 staff on our books from Standard Bar Tenders to Cocktail Mixologists and Flairists. We have some of the UK's finest ready to make your event a memorable one.
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