Draught Beer Information

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Draught Beer Information

Draught Beer Information


Remember to always fill your beer cooler with water before switching it on. You will damage components in the beer cooler if you switch it on without any water. Fill the cooler up through the hole on the top of the cooler. When water starts coming out of the overflow at the front of the cooler, you have filled it sufficiently. If you have a delat brand (Digi cooler) you will not need to do this.

Beer & Gas

The regulator is a mixed gas regulator and is suitable for use with mixed gas bottles only. We pre-calibrate the regulator so that it is set at the right pressure for you (35 PSI). Do not adjust the pressure of the regulator or tamper with it in any way. Increasing the gas pressure can be very dangerous.

When using your own gas, the type you need is Mixed Gas 60:40. The regulator will not fit a CO2 bottle. Under no circumstances must you attempt to convert the regulator to use with any other type of gas. If in doubt, please get in contact.

There is a list of health and safety regulations clearly shown on the gas cannister. You must adhere to these for your own personal safety.

Beer Tap

The beer tap comes with two different nozzles. The nozzle which has a clear hole through it is to be used with lager. The nozzle with the metal sieve inside is for use with bitter.

To adjust the speed of flow, use the flow regulator inside the beer tap. Twisting the flow regulator clockwise will reduce the pour speed. We have adjusted the flow control so that beer will come through. Please adjust accordingly.

Keg Coupler

The fitting that connects to the keg is called the keg coupler. This has two inlets. The one on the top is for beer. The one to the side is for the gas. Always crouch to the side of the keg before connecting the coupler to the keg. Never stand above it.

Corporate Events Corporate Events We are industry leaders in supplying draft beer systems for parties all over the UK. If you're having a house party, wedding or office knees up, we can supply you with everthing you need.

We use state of the art beer coolers, which means you will be pouring ice cold beer within 15 minutes of us installing our equipment.
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Weddings Weddings When it comes to the most magical day of your life a fully functioning professional bar with experienced bar staff is essential to keep your wedding & reception running smoothly.

We can supply a variety of Champagnes or Proseccos and Wine on the table for those all important toasts!
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Private Parties Private Parties We are industry leaders at supplying mobile bar units, back bar displays and experiences bar staff for events and parties across the UK.

With over 100 staff on our books from Standard Bar Tenders to Cocktail Mixologists and Flairists. We have some of the UK's finest ready to make your event a memorable one.
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